Bucket Elevator
Compact and Easy toMaintain
High Capacity Bucket Elevator
Modular Concept
Bucket elevators provide that the desired product is transported vertically without any damage in the flour - feed industry.
  • For special applications, mostly worn surfaces are covered with replaceable plates.
  • Elevator pipes can be used welded or bolted types according to the material features,
  • Bucket elevators produced as painted, galvanized and stainless steels depending on customer demands.
  • Apart from the specified data, it is also manufactured to desired capacity and dimensions in accordance with different sectors and customer demands.
Bucket Elevator
Bucket Elevator
1- Durability and long life
2- Bolted design,
3- Easy maintance,
4- Locks blocking movements in the opposite direction
5- Band misalingment sensors
6- Dust-proof structure
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