Tubular Screw Conveyor
Compact and Easy toMaintain
High Capacity Tubular Screw Conveyor
Modular Concept
The tubular screw conveyor used in grain and food processing plants, usually under the silo unloaders, to transport powdered or very fine-grained products.
  • The tubular screw conveyor is used to transport large and small grain products horizontally or limited angular positions.
  • It is generally connected to the underneath of the product silos for conveying products.
  • The tubular screw conveyor produced as painted, galvanized and stainless steels depending on customer demands.
  • Apart from the specified data, it is also manufactured to desired capacity and dimensions in accordance with diffrent sectors and customer demands.
Tubular Screw Conveyor
Tubular Screw Conveyor
1- Easy Assembled
2- High Quality
3- High Efficiency
4- Long Life
5- Low delay to change the spare part
6- Low perodical maintance
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