Silo Discharger
Compact and Easy toMaintain
High Capacity Silo Discharger
Modular Concept
It is used to ensure homogeneous and smooth flow of products such as flour and bran from steel, plastic, concrete silos or storage areas.
  • Silo discharger (Rotoflow) helps to easily unload the products such as Wheat, Flour, Bran, etc.
  • Silo discharger (Rotoflow) produced as painted and stainless steels depending oncustomer demands.
  • Apart from the specified data, it is also manufactured to desired capacity and dimensions in accordance with different sectors and customer demands.
Silo Discharger
Silo Discharger
1- Prevents rathole formation
2- Provides smooth flow
3- Cheap and simple silo design
4- Silent working condition
5- Regular and trouble free discharging
6- Durability and long lifetime
7- Made by HRP sheet metal
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