Tremie Screw
Compact and Easy toMaintain
High Capacity Tremie Screw
Modular Concept
The tremie screw allows the transportation of coarse-grained and non-adhesive products at horizontal and limited angles without the need for a tremie hole.
  • It is used modularly in places where the tremie hole is not opened,
  • Provide easy pouring at certain angles,
  • Move to desired locations,
  • Tremi Screw conveyor produced as painted, galvanized and stainless steels depending on customer demands.
Tremie Screw
Tremie Screw
1- Easy Assembled
2- High Quality
3- High Efficiency
4- Long-Life term
5- Low perodical maintance
6- Easy to movement
7- Optionally, filtre can be located to collect dust
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