Chain Conveyor
Compact and Easy toMaintain
High Capacity Chain Conveyor
Modular Concept
Chain conveyors ensure that the product is conveyed at the desired capacity, undamaged and economically with flat or different angles.
  • Application Fields: Flour and feed mills, sugar and salt plants, raw material, grain, cereal storage silos and stores.
  • Special chain and gear mechanism provides high breaking and shear strength in conveyors.
  • There are two types of chain conveyors as flat and curved. Standard type chain conveyors gives you better efficiency at a lower cost and with less maintenance. Incline type chain conveyors allow a great deal more latitude in the design and layout of a bulk material handling system by enabling you to “bend” a conveyor up and over an obstacle.
  • Screw conveyor produced as painted, galvanized and stainless steels depending on customer demands.
  • Apart from the specified data, it is also manufactured to desired capacity and dimensions in accordance with different sectors and customer demands.
Chain Conveyor
Chain Conveyor
1- Easy maintain and installation,
2- Provide dust – free and hygienic working conditions,
3- High capacity, less area occupied
4- Due to the special mechanism on chain, product damaged can be minimized. This mechanism decreased to friction force and noise effect.
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